A glimpse of America...

Exhibit A

  • Abortion has tore the heart and soul from this country (and world for that matter)....the value people have placed on life itself has eroded.   Everyone agrees that we need to make abortions "rare"...we say, why the delay?

Exhibit B

  • True justice has been lost in the vortex of tolerance and misguided interpretation from those in positions of leadership.  It is now common for wrong to be deemed right and standing for what is right to be seen as being wrong.

Exhibit C

  • We live in a nation where selfishness is everywhere....producing a culture of greed and materialism that is consuming people. 


At the center of all this is the continued attempts to remove God, and any form of devotion to Him, from the lives of His very creation.  This thinking has taken root in all areas; the education system, every level of government, our courts, the marketplace and throughout various types of media. 

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