You have surrendered your life completely to Jesus as Savior and Lord... 

Praise God!!!

Now that you have made the most important decision in your life, the real journey begins (a process called sanctification).

"Only when we become passionate about being just like Jesus, will we truly make any sort of difference!!  Otherwise, we are no different than those that don't have a relationship with the Lord."

  • Does your daily life reflect His light, do people comment about how you are different (not different/weird, but different/Christlike)?

  • Are you "shaking salt" over the lies of this world?

  • In you daily "routine", are you bringing honor to ALL you do (i.e. the way you interact with others - even those that are "difficult", how about the way you drive, the way you spend the time, talent and treasure He has given you)?

  • Are you sharing this wonderful gift with others in a loving, compassionate manner...always?

It is our responsibility, duty, obligation (and in our mind, an honor) to live our lives worthy of this be salt and light in this dark glorify Him in ALL we do...Unfortunately this type of life is not the norm for those proclaiming to be true followers of Jesus, and the world is not being impacted the way it should be.